Photo by Cynthia L. Miller

Bree A. Rolfe never really left the nineties. She often finds herself combing the internet for episodes of 120 Minutes and accidentally dressing like an extra in a Nirvana video. She worked as a music journalist for ten years before she decided she wanted to dedicate her life to writing poetry and teaching. And while she does indeed love poetry and literature, her true love is Dawson’s Creek. If she could bring it back and be a writer, she totally would. She lives in Austin, TX where she teaches writing and literature to the mostly reluctant, but always loveable, teenagers at James Bowie High School. Her work has appeared in Saul Williams’ poetry anthology Chorus: A Literary Mixtape, the Barefoot Muse Anthology Forgetting Home: Poems About Alzheimer’s, the Redpaint Hill Anthology Mother is a Verb, and 5AM Magazine. She holds an MFA from the Writing Seminars at Bennington College.